sport noun

ADJ. mainstream, major, popular popular field sports such as football | minor, minority | amateur, professional, semi-professional | competitive | inter-club, inter-school, etc. | contact, non-contact In theory, basketball is a non-contact sport. | active | dangerous, hazardous, risky | gruelling | spectator | indoor, outdoor | summer, winter | individual, team | adventure the inherent dangers of adventure sports such as mountaineering | field | country | motor | water | combat Combat sports such as karate and judo carry with them the risk of injury. | racket | equestrian | blood, cruel

VERB + SPORT do, play He does a lot of sport. We played sports together when we were kids. | take up I need to take up a sport to get fit. SPORT + NOUN (The following nouns all follow sports.), event | centre, club, facilities, field, ground, hall, pavilion, stadium, venue | day the school sports day | person, personality, star | team | enthusiast, fan, follower | commentator | channel, coverage, page, paper Sports coverage in the local newspaper is quite good. | correspondent, editor, journalist, photographer, reporter, writer | injury | bag | equipment | goods | clothes/clothing | shop

PREP. in ~ the use of dogs in sport

PHRASES the world of sport

You can also check other dicts: sport (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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