star noun

1 small point of light in the night sky

ADJ. bright, brilliant | faint | distant | nearby, nearer/nearest | falling, shooting | evening, morning

QUANT. cluster a dense cluster of stars at the galaxy's nucleus

STAR + VERB be out | shine, twinkle A bright star shone in the East. | appear, come out

STAR + NOUN cluster

PREP. under the ~s We camped out under the stars.

PHRASES a canopy of stars They lay down under a canopy of stars. | the brightness/density/luminosity of a star

2 famous person

ADJ. big There were several big Hollywood stars at the function. | true, undisputed | rising, young | football, pop, etc. | Hollywood, screen, film, movie, soap, TV

QUANT. array, galaxy, host Channel 4 has lined up a galaxy of stars for the coming season.

STAR + NOUN quality, status | role | actor, performer, player | attraction, turn He was the star turn at the celebrations. | vehicle The film was nothing more than a star vehicle for Tom Hanks.

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