statement noun

ADJ. brief, short Saunder's lawyer made a brief statement to the press outside the court. | bald, blunt, flat His bald statement that he'd resigned concealed his anxiety about the situation. | comprehensive, definitive, detailed, full | explicit An explicit statement of objectives is vital before the project begins. | clear, simple | bold, firm, positive, strong | explanatory | false, inaccurate, misleading | sweeping She made one of her sweeping statements about foreigners. | joint The two heads of state issued a joint statement. | formal, government, official, public | political They decided to make a political statement by refusing to vote. | oral, signed, sworn, written

VERB + STATEMENT issue, put out, release | give, make He admitted giving a false statement to the police. | take The police will take a statement from each of you. | withdraw | deny

PREP. in a/the ~ In a statement released today, the Department of Health said … | ~ about The clothes you wear are a statement about yourself. | ~ on a statement on human rights | ~ to He's trying to withdraw the statement he made to Parliament last week.

You can also check other dicts: statement (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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