stature noun

1 height

ADJ. great, imposing | diminutive, short, slight, small | full The statue shows King Richard in full stature beside his horse. | physical

VERB + STATURE have | lack The president lacks physical stature.

PREP. of … ~ He was a man of great stature who carried himself well.

PHRASES a lack of stature Despite his lack of stature, he became a successful footballer. | small in stature Both her parents are fairly small in stature.

2 importance

ADJ. considerable, great, growing | full | public | international, world | political

VERB + STATURE gain in, grow in, rise in She has grown in stature since winning the Tchaikovsky Piano Competition. | achieve Geomorphology has now achieved full stature as a branch of geology. | enhance The election result enhanced the party's stature. | diminish | rise to … Her reputation has risen to world stature.

STATURE + VERB grow, increase, rise His political stature increased during the crisis.

PREP. of ~ a writer of international stature

You can also check other dicts: stature (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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