style noun

1 way that sth is done/made

ADJ. latest, modern, new | classical, old, old-fashioned, period, traditional an old style of management | contemporary The 16th century house has been renovated and furnished in contemporary style. | characteristic, distinctive, individual, inimitable, original her inimitable style of humour | personal | musical | architectural | teaching | leadership, management, managerial | political | literary, narrative, prose, writing | elegant, lively | flamboyant a flamboyant style of dress | formal | casual a casual style of speech | conversational The article is written in a conversational style. | aggressive His aggressive style of play sometimes gets him in trouble. | autocratic an autocratic style of leadership | 18th-century, etc. | Gothic, Renaissance, etc.

VERB + STYLE have The two artists have radically different styles. | develop, establish, evolve, find, form He evolved his style of painting while working as a magazine illustrator. | adapt, adjust, alter, change, modify, tailor The pianist had to tailor his style to suit the vocalist's distinctive voice. | adopt, use | copy, emulate, follow

PREP. in ~ very utilitarian in style | in a/the ~ The new houses have been built in a traditional style.

2 good quality

ADJ. enormous, fine, great, real, terrific | certain

VERB + STYLE have He has a certain style. | ooze The whole house just oozed style. | add, give sb/sth

PREP. with ~ Whatever she did, she did it with style.

PHRASES a touch of style Long velvet curtains add a touch of style to the main room.

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