subject adj. subject to sth

1 likely to be affected by sth

VERBS be, seem | become | leave sb/sth, make sb/sth His illness left him subject to asthmatic attacks.

ADV. very | increasingly | rather | still At this stage these are proposals and are still subject to change.

2 under the authority of sb/sth

VERBS be Everyone was entirely subject to the whim of the Sultan. | become | remain | make sb/sth All the priories were made directly subject to the abbot of Cluny.

ADV. entirely | directly | expressly

subject noun

1 topic or person under consideration

ADJ. big, complex, vast | simple | excellent, fascinating, good, interesting | cheerful Can we talk about a more cheerful subject? | gloomy, unpleasant | delicate, difficult, embarrassing | taboo Work is a taboo subject when we go out for dinner. | closed I don't wish to discuss it any further?the subject is closed. | chosen Each candidate has to speak for three minutes on their chosen subject. | pet Once he gets onto his pet subject there's no stopping him.

VERB + SUBJECT cover, debate, discuss, talk about, touch on We touched briefly on the subject. | deal with I wasn't quite sure how to deal with the delicate subject of money. | examine, have a (fresh) look at, investigate, look into We want to have a fresh look at the difficult subject of social security benefits. | bring up, broach, get onto, raise | drop Let's drop the subject since we don't seem to be able to agree. | stick to I wish he'd stick to the subject rather than telling us his boring stories. | get off, wander off She was supposed to be speaking about sales figures, but she kept wandering off the subject. | get back to, return to Getting back to the subject of heating, has anyone got any suggestions for improvements? | avoid | change Don't change the subject.

SUBJECT + VERB arise, come up The subject of gambling has come up several times recently.

SUBJECT + NOUN matter I like the way she writes, although I'm not interested in her subject matter.

PREP. on a/the ~ While we're on the subject of the theatre, has anyone been to see the new show?

PHRASES a range of subjects We discussed a wide range of subjects.

2 area of study

ADJ. difficult, easy | compulsory, core, main | additional, optional, special, subsidiary | specialist | arts, science | academic

VERB + SUBJECT take What subjects are you taking at A level? | offer The department offers seven different subjects in all. | fail (in), pass She was disappointed to fail in two of her four subjects. | drop

SUBJECT + NOUN area The syllabus is divided into five subject areas.

PREP. in a/the ~ He did well in every subject.

PHRASES a choice of subject/subjects His unusual choice of subjects made it harder to find a job. | a range of subjects > Note at SUBJECT

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