supplement noun

1 sth that is added

ADJ. useful, valuable | colour (= a colour magazine that comes with most weekend papers in Britain), magazine, special, Sunday Our special supplement is packed with inspirational ideas for healthy and glamorous hair. | dietary, food, mineral, nutritional, vitamin

VERB + SUPPLEMENT provide (sb/sth with) | add The farmer adds a supplement to the horse's feed. | take, use (sth as) I take a vitamin supplement every day. You can use these books as supplements to the basic English course.

PREP. ~ to This document is a supplement to the main report.

2 extra amount of money

ADJ. $100, £50, etc. A balcony is available for a £20 supplement. | flight, single room If you want to travel on a different day a flight supplement is payable. | earnings-related, means-tested means-tested supplements to the basic pension

VERB + SUPPLEMENT add, charge We charge a small supplement for this service. | carry, have Weekend flights carry a supplement. | pay

SUPPLEMENT + VERB be payable

PREP. at a ~ Single rooms are available at a supplement. | ~ for a $20 supplement for each extra night | ~ on There is a supplement on rooms with a sea view.

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