supply noun

1 sth that is supplied

ADJ. total It is impossible to measure the total supply of money in circulation. | endless, inexhaustible, infinite, limitless, never-ending, unending He has an endless supply of corny jokes. | abundant, bountiful, good, large, plentiful | adequate, ample, sufficient | inadequate, limited, small Hurry, as we only have a limited supply of these TVs in stock! | dwindling | constant, continuous, regular, steady | fresh The body needs a fresh supply of vitamin C every day. | ready, reliable the provision of a reliable supply of clean water to rural communities | domestic | air, blood, oxygen, etc. A clot in the brain cut off her blood supply. | food, milk, water, etc. | coal, electricity, energy, fuel, gas, oil, power, etc. Domestic coal supplies were more plentiful in the mid-1950s. Turn off the mains electricity supply. | mains | labour The farmers depend on a casual labour supply at harvest time. | money the country's problems with ballooning inflation and swelling money supply

VERB + SUPPLY have Make sure you have an adequate supply of brochures. | get, lay in, obtain, receive We should lay in a good supply of beer for the party. | produce, provide The studio produced a steady supply of good films. | ensure, maintain | cut off, disconnect, disrupt, stop The electricity company disconnected our supply for non-payment of a bill. The storm disrupted the town's power supply. | deplete, exhaust, use (up) By the end of the winter the supply of grain was severely depleted. | replenish, restore | increase | restrict, limit, reduce | exceed, outstrip Demand for top-quality programmers exceeds supply, leading to extortionate salaries.

SUPPLY + VERB increase | fall | exceed/meet demand Labour supply did not increase to meet demand.

SUPPLY + NOUN line, system the water supply system | contract

PREP. ~ of a supply of spare batteries | ~ to to maintain an adequate water supply to the inner city areas

PHRASES be in short supply Food is in short supply following the flooding. | demand and supply/supply and demand laws of supply and demand | a fall/a shortfall in supply There will soon be a shortfall in supply of qualified young people. | an increase in supply 2 supplies amount of sth needed

ADJ. abundant, plentiful | limited, meagre | vital | emergency, relief | arms, food, medical, military, office The Red Cross flew emergency food supplies into the war zone.

VERB + SUPPLY bring (in/up), lay in, provide (sb/sth with) The money raised will provide vital medical supplies to refugee camps. | be/run out of, be/run short of | threaten Rebel action threatened relief supplies.

SUPPLY + VERB hold out, last | be depleted, be exhausted, run low/out/short

PREP. ~ of The injured climbers had only meagre supplies of water and peanuts to live off.

supply verb

ADV. amply, liberally, well | adequately Any room where gas is used must be adequately supplied with air. | poorly | generously, kindly a buffet supper, generously supplied by club members | readily | free (of charge)

VERB + SUPPLY agree to | refuse to | fail to | ask sb to Each applicant is asked to supply a portfolio of work at interview.

PREP. for goods supplied for private use | from The water was supplied from an eight-wheeled tanker. | to They were accused of supplying arms to the rebels. | with He refused to supply the police with information.

PHRASES a contract to supply sth, intent to supply (sb/sth) (law) He was charged with possession of drugs with intent to supply others. | keep sb/sth supplied with sth keeping the guests well supplied with champagne

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