surprised adj.

VERBS appear, be, feel, look, seem, sound

ADV. extremely, greatly, most, really, terribly, very | hardly, not altogether, not at all, not entirely, not in the least, not particularly, not totally, scarcely Her father didn't seem at all surprised. | almost | a bit, faintly, a little, mildly, pretty, quite, rather, slightly, somewhat, vaguely She looked faintly surprised at my remark. | genuinely | clearly, evidently, obviously | secretly | constantly, continually I am constantly surprised by what my fourteen-month-old son understands. | momentarily | agreeably, pleasantly He was pleasantly surprised to discover that he was no longer afraid.

PREP. at He sounded surprised at this request. | by She appeared genuinely surprised by this gesture of affection.

You can also check other dicts: surprised (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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