sweat noun

ADJ. heavy | fine, light | clammy My shirt stuck to the clammy sweat on my back. | cold | stale The room smelled of stale sweat. | good We worked up a good sweat carrying the boxes outside.

QUANT. bead, drop, trickle

VERB + SWEAT break into, break out in/into She broke out in a cold sweat when she saw the spider. | work up | wake (up) in | bring sb out in | be bathed/covered/drenched/soaked in, be beaded/streaming with, be dripping (with), be slippery/wet with, glisten with The workmen were streaming with sweat. His forehead was dripping sweat. | mop, wipe He mopped the sweat from his brow.

SWEAT + VERB appear, break out His hands trembled and sweat broke out all over his body. | glisten, stand out sweat glistening on her forehead Sweat stood out on his shoulders. | bead sth, drip/pour/run from/into/off sth, run/trickle down sth Sweat beaded her face. Sweat was running down his back. | soak sth

SWEAT + NOUN gland

PREP. in a ~ She woke up in a cold sweat.

sweat verb

ADV. freely, heavily, a lot, profusely | slightly | off He's trying to sweat off a few pounds in the gym.

VERB + SWEAT begin to | make sb The heat was making us sweat.

PREP. from We were sweating profusely from the exertion of moving the furniture. | with He awoke with a pounding heart, sweating with fear.

PHRASES sweat buckets, sweat like a pig (both informal) After two hours of digging he was sweating like a pig.

You can also check other dicts: sweat (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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