tactic noun

ADJ. subtle | legitimate Some players see injuring their opponent as a legitimate tactic. | devious, dubious, underhand | aggressive, bully-boy, bullying, extreme, guerrilla, heavy-handed, militant, revolutionary, scare, shock, strong-arm, terror, violent | non-violent, softly-softly | psychological | smear | avoidance, delaying, diversionary, spoiling, stalling Children are adept at delaying tactics. | negative, time-wasting The coach was criticized for his negative tactics. | short-term | campaigning, marketing, negotiating, promotional | military, naval, parliamentary, police, political

VERB + TACTIC decide on, discuss, plan, talk (about), work out She decided on a stalling tactic. | adopt, apply, deploy, employ, try, use the temptation to use underhand tactics They were desperate enough to try shock tactics. | resort to, stoop to I refuse to stoop to such bullying tactics. | change, rethink, switch They would do well to switch tactics. | demand, require Longer races demand different tactics.

TACTIC + VERB pay off, succeed, work His strong-arm tactics paid off. | fail

PREP. ~ for teaching parents tactics for dealing with aggressive children

You can also check other dicts: tactic (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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