talk noun

1 a conversation

ADJ. good, little (often ironic), long, quiet, serious I will have to have a little talk with that young lady (= tell her that I disapprove of sth). | heart-to-heart, intimate

VERB + TALK have

TALK + NOUN show

PREP. ~ about I enjoyed our talk about the old days. | ~ with I need to have a heart-to-heart talk with her.

PHRASES (to exchange/make) small talk (= to talk politely about unimportant things) He was never very good at making small talk with her parents.

2 talking

ADJ. excited, heady There was excited talk of emigrating to America. | ridiculous, wild There is ridiculous talk of her breaking the world record soon. | careless, dangerous, idle, loose | fighting, tough | straight She likes straight talk and hates hypocrites. | double The president's true agenda was hidden in political double talk. | dirty, filthy | cheap, easy, empty, mere The chairman's boasts about future profits was just cheap talk. | fine, grand (ironic) What all the fine talk came down to was hard cash. | baby I never used baby talk to my little girl. | pillow the pillow talk of lovers

TALK + VERB turn to sth Talk turned to money and tempers began to fray.

PREP. ~ about/of All this talk of the president resigning is nonsense!

PHRASES be just talk ‘You think it's just talk?’ ‘No, I think it's true.’ | for all the talk of sth For all the talk of bringing their children up the same, the boys ended up never doing any of the cooking.

3 (also talks) discussions between official groups

ADJ. lengthy | high-level, top-level | informal | formal, official | private, secret | open | direct, face-to-face | wide-ranging | all-party, bilateral, inter-party, joint, multilateral, round-table, trilateral, tripartite | fresh, further | fruitless, inconclusive | crisis, emergency, urgent | exploratory, preliminary | constitutional, political | arms, pay, peace, trade

QUANT. round A further round of talks is expected in March.

VERB + TALK conduct, have, hold The two governments held secret talks on the nuclear threat. | broker, host | attend, enter | initiate, open | break off, pull out of, walk out of The union has broken off talks with the management. | cancel, suspend | reopen, resume

TALK + VERB be scheduled Talks were scheduled for Rome the following month. | take place The peace talks will take place in Cairo. | begin, open, start | end | resume | be aimed at sth, be designed to the latest round of talks aimed at ending the civil war | centre on sth, concentrate on sth, cover sth, deal with sth, focus on sth The talks centred on bilateral trade. | produce sth Talks produced agreement on an end to the occupation. | be deadlocked, break down, collapse, fail, founder, stall The talks remain deadlocked over spending plans. The talks foundered on the issue of compensation.

PREP. during ~ The agreement was concluded during talks in Beijing. | in ~ He is currently in talks with two football clubs. | ~ about/on/over holding talks over the political future of the province | ~ between the failure of talks between the two communities | ~ with The delegation arrived for talks with their government.

4 lecture

ADJ. entertaining, informative, interesting | introductory | pep, sales, team | radio

VERB + TALK give | attend, go to

TALK + VERB be entitled sth She gave a very entertaining talk entitled ‘My life and hard times’.

PREP. ~ about/on Did you go to the talk on Peru?

talk verb

ADV. loudly | quietly | at length | continuously, endlessly, incessantly, non-stop | freely | openly She talked quite freely about her work. | enthusiastically, excitedly | politely | glibly | vaguely He had talked vaguely of going to work abroad. | casually | earnestly a group of students talking earnestly | sensibly Let's talk sensibly about this. | wildly

VERB + TALK be able to, can/could I can't talk about it just now. | need to, want to I need to talk to you. | begin to | be easy to He was so easy to talk to. | be difficult to, be hard to | hear sb, listen to sb, overhear sb I loved to hear him talk about the old days. | make sb The police questioned him for four hours, trying to make him talk. | let sb Just shut up and let me talk for a minute.

PREP. about talking about their new clothes | of (formal) We often talked of the war. | to I'll talk to John this afternoon. | with I've talked with him on the telephone.

PHRASES start/stop talking

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