tolerate verb

1 allow sth you do not like

ADV. barely | merely She actually seemed pleased to see him: most of her visitors she merely tolerated. | grudgingly | officially Union activity was officially tolerated but strongly discouraged. | no longer The government is not prepared to tolerate this situation any longer.

VERB + TOLERATE be unable to, (not) be prepared to, (not) be willing to, cannot/could not, find sth difficult to, will/would not I will not tolerate this behaviour!

2 not be affected by difficult conditions

ADV. readily, well This plant prefers alkaline soil, though it will readily tolerate some acidity. She tolerated the chemotherapy well.

VERB + TOLERATE be unable to, cannot/could not, find/make sth difficult to, will/would not people whose eye condition makes it difficult to tolerate bright light

You can also check other dicts: tolerate (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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