tour noun

1 journey

ADJ. foreign, international, national, nationwide, overseas, provincial, world | American, UK, etc. | two-city, three-country, etc. The group will shortly go on a ten-city European tour. | whirlwind, whistle-stop The president embarked on a whirlwind tour of the provinces. | comprehensive, gruelling, lengthy, long, marathon | two-week, three-week, etc. | official the prime minister's first official overseas tour | grand He took his degree in 1665 before embarking on the grand tour (= a tour of Europe lasting several months). | inclusive, package an all-inclusive package tour of Austria | mystery (often humorous) We reboarded the coach and set off on a magical mystery tour in search of tea. | coach, cycle, rail, walking | camping | cricket, rugby, etc. | concert, lecture, speaking, study, theatre | sell-out, successful The band is just back from a sell-out European tour.

VERB + TOUR do, go on, make, undertake | embark on, set off on

TOUR + NOUN company, operator | date, schedule Phone for details of the band's tour dates. | leader, manager Our tour leaders are all fluent in English. The team's tour manager called a press conference. | party, squad He wasn't selected for England's tour party to Australia. | bus, van

PREP. on (a) ~ We met a group of cyclists on a tour in the Lake District. The band is currently on tour in the States. | ~ of I'd like to do a tour of Belgium on foot.

PHRASES tour of duty The soldiers were returning from a six-month tour of duty in Northern Ireland.

2 short visit

ADJ. brief, quick, lightning Our host gave us a quick tour of the house. | extensive | grand (humorous) Come on, I'll give you the grand tour of the backyard. | conducted, guided, self-guided | city, factory | sightseeing | circular

VERB + TOUR give sb, take sb on | do, make I made a lightning tour of the office to say goodbye.

TOUR + NOUN guide

PHRASES tour of inspection The headmaster started his tour of inspection with the staff room.

tour verb

ADV. extensively

VERB + TOUR plan to

PREP. all over We plan to tour all over the country. | in She has toured extensively in the US.

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