train noun

1 railway engine pulling carriages/trucks

ADJ. railway | metro, subway, tube, underground | intercity, international, long-distance | local, suburban | express, fast | direct, through I got the through train to Manchester. | slow, stopping | special | early, evening, midnight, morning, night, overnight | two o'clock, 10.45, etc. | return What are the times of the return trains? | first, last, next The last train leaves at

TRAIN + VERB run In summer the trains run as often as every ten minutes. | start | terminate The train terminated in Carlisle. | be bound for … an express train bound for Edinburgh | be due The next train is due at 9.45. | be delayed, be held up, be late, run late Most trains are running late because of the accident. | arrive, come in, come into sth, draw in, draw into sth, pull in, pull into sth, steam in, steam into sth The next train to arrive at Platform 2 is 00.30. | London to Glasgow, etc. the Paris to Brussels train The trainthe 12.30 from Leeds.

| Stuttgart-bound, etc. | northbound, southbound, etc. | Piccadilly line, etc. | crowded, full, loaded | empty | moving | stationary | speeding | runaway | approaching, oncoming the sound of an approaching train He was pushed into the path of an oncoming train. | passing the roar of a passing train | departing She ran alongside the departing train, waving goodbye. | delayed, late-running | luxury, Pullman | four-coach, three-coach, etc. | bullet, high-speed | diesel, electric, steam | coal, commuter, freight, goods, mail, passenger | military, troop | model | ghost a carnival with ghost trains and dodgem cars

VERB + TRAIN take, travel by From Germany they travelled by train to Poland. | travel on She's travelling on the same train as you. | use | catch, get, make We had to get up early to make the 6 o'clock train for Florence. | miss | wait for | run for I was late and had to run for my train. | board, get on, hop on, jump aboard/on We jumped on the train just as it was about to leave. | jump from/off, jump out of She tried to kill herself by jumping off a moving train. | alight from, get off | meet (sb off) I'm going to the station to meet her off the train. | change You'll have to change trains at Cambridge. | operate, run The company plans to run trains on key intercity routes. | cancel The 10.19 train has been cancelled. | drive | haul a train hauled by a steam locomotive | stop | derail | fall under, throw sb under Driven to despair, he threw himself under a train. came in and I got on. The train drew into the station. | come, go We didn't want to leave the platform in case the train came. | reach The train reached Prague at half past six. | return | depart, draw out (of sth), leave, pull away, pull out (of sth), start (off), steam out The train pulled out of the station. | head … The train headed out of Athens. | stand, wait The train now standing at Platform 3 is the 16.50 to Brighton. a train waiting at a signal | move Slowly the train began to move. | travel The high-speed train travels at 120 mph. | chug, trundle The train chugged slowly forward. | gather speed | hurtle, rush, speed, steam a picture of the bullet train speeding past Mount Fuji | slow (down) | brake | be brought to a halt, come to a halt, halt, stop | rattle, rumble, thunder, whistle The train rattled into the station. | jerk, jolt, lurch, shudder The train jolted into motion. | approach, come The train came towards them. | pass | enter sth The train entered the tunnel. | collide (with sth) | be loaded with sth, carry sth

TRAIN + NOUN journey, ride | service | station | times, timetable | fare | ticket | crew, driver, guard, staff | travellers, travelling | spotter, spotting | accident, collision, crash, disaster | window | carriage | shed | robber | set I saved up my pocket money to buy an electric train set.

PREP. aboard/on/on board a/the ~ the people on the train | by ~ It's quicker by train. | ~ between trains between Brindisi and Rome | ~ for/to He was leaving on the early train for Zaragoza. | ~ from the train from Birmingham to Worcester

PHRASES a train load of sth train loads of iron ore | a train to catch I can't stop now, I have a train to catch.

2 number of people/animals moving in a line

ADJ. camel, mule, wagon | supply

3 series of events/actions/thoughts

VERB + TRAIN set sth in That telephone call set in train a whole series of events. | bring sth in (figurative) Unemployment brings greater difficulties in its train (= causes great difficulties).

PHRASES a train of events, a train of thought The telephone rang and she lost her train of thought.

PREP. in sb's ~ (figurative) In the train of (= following behind) the rich and famous came the journalists.

train verb

ADV. hard

PREP. for The team is training hard for the big match.

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