transition noun

ADJ. abrupt, immediate, rapid, sudden | direct | gradual, phased, slow | awkward, difficult, painful | easy, smooth | non-violent, orderly, peaceful

VERB + TRANSITION bring about, cause, effect The negotiators hoped to effect a smooth transition to an interim administration. | complete, make The company was slow to make the transition from paper to computer. | undergo | mark The ceremony marks the transition of the student to graduate status. | ease, smooth

TRANSITION + VERB occur, take place | be complete Her transition from girl to woman was complete.

TRANSITION + NOUN period, process | phase

PREP. during (the) ~ He will remain head of state during the transition to democracy. | in ~ The country is in transition from an agricultural to an industrial society. | ~ between This training course aims to smooth the transition between education and employment. | ~ from, ~ to

PHRASES a period of transition, a process of transition, a state of transition

You can also check other dicts: transition (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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