translate verb

1 change sth from one language to another

ADV. literally ‘Tiramisu’ literally translates as ‘pull-me-up’. | accurately, correctly | freely, loosely, roughly | generally, normally, usually | variously a Greek word variously translated as ‘summit’, ‘top’ and ‘finishing stroke’

VERB + TRANSLATE attempt to, try to | be difficult to This word is difficult to translate.

PREP. as The word ‘sensus’ can be translated as ‘feeling’. | for I don't speak Italian?can you translate for me? | from The book has been translated from the Japanese by Livia Yamaguchi. | into an expression that is difficult to translate into English

PHRASES widely translated The novel has been widely translated.

2 change into a different form

ADV. directly | effectively | easily | automatically Teacher expectations do not automatically translate themselves into student results.

VERB + TRANSLATE attempt to, try to trying to translate the theory into simple concepts | be difficult to

PREP. into A small increase in local spending will translate into a big rise in council tax.

PHRASES translate sth into action/practice attempting to translate these ideas into action

You can also check other dicts: translate (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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