tread noun

1 sound you make when you are walking

ADJ. firm, heavy I heard his heavy tread moving about upstairs. | light, soft | measured, slow, steady



PREP. with a … ~ A policeman walked by with a slow, measured tread.

PHRASES the tread of feet The streets have echoed to the tread of feet for more than ten centuries.

2 on a tyre

ADJ. tyre, wheel | deep, shallow | worn

TREAD + VERB be worn The tyre tread has been worn below the legal limit.

TREAD + NOUN depth, pattern, width

PHRASES a breadth/depth/width of tread

tread verb

ADV. heavily He came down the stairs, treading as heavily as he could. | gently, lightly, softly | carefully, gingerly, warily She trod gingerly. It would be risky to hurry. (figurative) The government will have to tread carefully in handling this issue. | down She planted the seeds and trod the earth down.

PREP. in Billy trod in a big puddle. | into Some cake crumbs had been trodden into the carpet. | on Be careful not to tread on the flowers.

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