treasure noun

1 collection of very valuable objects

ADJ. buried, hidden, lost, sunken | pirate, Roman, royal | vast a vast treasure of medieval manuscripts

VERB + TREASURE hunt for, look for, search for | dig up, discover, find, uncover, unearth | hide

TREASURE + NOUN chest, house, trove (figurative) This book is a treasure house of information on Arctic birds. | hunter, hunting

PHRASES a hoard of treasure

2 sth that is very valuable

ADJ. great, priceless | rare | ancient | forgotten, hidden, secret, unexpected Many forgotten treasures have been discovered in the attics of old houses. | archaeological, historic, historical | art, artistic, cultural | church | family | national

VERB + TREASURE discover, find, uncover, unearth

You can also check other dicts: treasure (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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