turnover noun

1 amount of business a company does

ADJ. large | low, small | company, group | aggregate, combined, total The combined turnover of both businesses has doubled in the last two years. | gross, net | annual, daily, etc. | global, worldwide | market | capital | stock

VERB + TURNOVER have | record The company recorded a turnover of £50 million last year. | boost, increase | reduce

TURNOVER + VERB be up | be down Turnover was down compared with last year's figures. | double, grow, increase, rise The firm's UK turnover increased (by) 30% to £10 million. | drop, fall, slip Turnover fell from £12 million to £11 million. | reach sth Turnover reached $2 billion in the 12 months to September. | exceed sth, top sth The company's worldwide turnover exceeds $5 billion.

TURNOVER + NOUN figure, growth, rate, tax

PHRASES a decline/fall in turnover, an increase/a rise in turnover > Special page at BUSINESS

2 rate at which people come and go from a job/place

ADJ. fast, high, rapid | low | labour, staff | population The inner city has a rapid population turnover.


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