twist noun

1 act of twisting sth

ADJ. little, slight | quick, sharp | wry

VERB + TWIST give sth Give the cap another twist?it's not on properly.

PREP. ~ of He finished him off with a quick twist of the knife. | ~ to a wry twist to her mouth

2 change/development

ADJ. further, new | final, latest the latest twist in the saga of high-level corruption | bizarre, curious, dramatic, interesting, ironic, strange, unexpected | distinctive | cruel, vicious a cruel twist of fate | plot

VERB + TWIST give sth The writer takes well-known fairy tales and gives them an ironic twist. | take The scandal has taken a new twist this week.

PREP. in a ~, with a ~ classic French dishes with a twist (= with a difference) | ~ in a twist in the plot | ~ to In a bizarre twist to the evening the police came at eleven and arrested our host.

PHRASES a twist in the tail The story has a twist in the tail?six months later she married the husband of her victim. | a twist of fate, twists and turns the twists and turns in the economy

3 in a road, river, etc.

ADJ. sharp

PREP. ~ in a sharp twist in the road

PHRASES twists and turns the twists and turns of the river

twist verb

ADV. slightly She twisted slightly in her chair to look up at him. | gently Gently twist off the green stalks. | violently She fired again and saw the creature twist violently. | bitterly, scornfully, wryly His mouth twisted bitterly. | away, off, together, up Her black her was twisted up into a knot on top of her head.

PREP. around/round I twisted the bandage round his leg. | with His face was twisted with rage.

PHRASES twist and turn The road twists and turns along the coast. | twist (yourself) free He managed to twist himself free. | twist sth out of shape Her mouth was twisted out of shape by grief.

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