unit noun

1 single thing

ADJ. large, small | basic, fundamental The family is the basic unit of society. | discrete, individual, single

VERB + UNIT break sth down into, divide sth into Large departments were broken down into smaller units.

2 fixed amount

ADJ. basic, standard | monetary | lexical, linguistic

UNIT + NOUN cost, length, weight

PREP. ~ of a unit of currency a unit of length fifty units of electricity

PHRASES per unit Electricity is ten pence per unit.

3 group of people

ADJ. cohesive The new manager changed a talented collection of individuals into a cohesive unit. | baby, casualty, emergency, intensive care, maternity, psychiatric, surgical, etc. She works in the maternity unit at the local hospital. | army, enemy, military | intelligence | policy | research | family, social the role of the family unit in the community

VERB + UNIT be attached to The cancer research unit is attached to the local university.

4 piece of furniture/equipment

ADJ. cooking, kitchen, sink, storage | air-conditioning, control, power, processing, shower the central processing unit in a computer

VERB + UNIT install We're having new kitchen units installed.

You can also check other dicts: unit (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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