video noun

1 system of recording moving pictures and sound

ADJ. interactive

VIDEO + NOUN camera, equipment, machine, player, recorder, screen | clip, film, footage, image, picture, recording, replay, sequence The jury watched video footage of the riots. | shoot The band are in Iceland doing a video shoot. | channel I can't find the video channel on this television. | game | conferencing | conference, presentation | link The speech was broadcast via a video link to thousands standing outside. | surveillance

PREP. on ~ The film is already out on video.

2 tape/cassette

ADJ. hour-long, ten-minute, etc. | blank | pre-recorded They sell both blank and pre-recorded videos. | amateur, home An amateur video of the crash failed to reveal the cause. | educational, instructional They produce educational videos for learning languages. | music, pop, rock | corporate | promo, promotional | training | exercise, fitness | porn/porno/pornographic, sex | police, security

VERB + VIDEO make | manufacture, produce | release The group's new video will be released next month. | capture sb/sth on, catch sb/sth on The thief was caught on video as he pocketed watches and rings. | rent (out) We rent videos out nearly every weekend. | watch The children can sit for hours watching videos. | show (sb) Their teacher showed them a video about the Romans. | fast-forward, rewind

VIDEO + NOUN cassette | library, rental shop, shop | release a review of the latest video releases

PREP. ~ of a security video of the attack

3 (also video recorder)

VERB + VIDEO programme, set Did you remember to set the video for ‘Inspector Morse’?

You can also check other dicts: video (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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