view noun

1 opinion/idea about sth

ADJ. general, popular, prevailing, widely held The prevailing view is that he has done a good job in difficult circumstances. | conflicting, differing, divergent, opposing, polarized The debate brings together experts with conflicting views. | clear, forthright, strong He's a doctor with clear views on how to prevent illness. | idealized, optimistic, positive, romantic, rosy Her rosy view of life abroad seems rather naive. | jaundiced, negative, pessimistic After his experience in jail, he has a pretty jaundiced view of the penal system. | conventional The conventional view is that work is pleasant and rewarding. | unorthodox | minority | political | liberal, modern, progressive, radical | moderate | conservative, reactionary | extremist, hard-line | stereotyped, stereotypical | informed | ill-informed, uninformed | world His world view revolves around a battle between rich and poor.

VERB + VIEW have, hold | take I took the view that an exception should be made in this case. | air, convey, expound, express, make known, present, put forward The meeting gave everyone the chance to air their views. She picked up the phone and made her views known to her boss. | discuss, exchange, share At the meeting, we hope people will exchange views freely. | canvass, solicit He called a meeting to solicit the views of his staff. | reflect, represent His letter to the management did not reflect the views of his colleagues. | adhere to, agree with, endorse | confirm, support | challenge His music challenges the view that modern jazz is inaccessible.

PREP. in your ~ In my view it was a waste of time. | ~ about Teachers generally keep their views about politics hidden. | ~ on Experts hold widely differing views on this subject.

PHRASES an exchange of views It's good to have a full and frank exchange of views. | a point of view From a teacher's point of view, activities that can be done with minimal preparation are invaluable. | take a dim view of sth (= have a poor opinion of sth) My mother takes a pretty dim view of my cooking skills.

2 ability to see/be seen from a particular place

ADJ. good, grandstand, wonderful | poor, terrible We had a poor view of the stage from where we were sitting. | clear, unimpeded, uninterrupted, unobstructed | back, front, rear, side The picture shows a front view of the car. | close, close-up | public Tensions within the band remained hidden from public view. | overall (figurative) The staff handbook gives an overall view of the company.

VERB + VIEW get, have The pillar prevented me getting a clear view of the action. | give sb The patio gave an unimpeded view across the headland to the sea. | block A woman in a very large hat was blocking my view of the procession. | come into A large truck suddenly came into view. | disappear from They stood waving on the platform, until the train disappeared from view. | be hidden from

PREP. in ~ There was nobody in view. | on ~ The carriage was put on view for the public to see.

PHRASES in full view (of sth) He was shot in full view of a large crowd.

3 scenery

ADJ. breathtaking, fine, lovely, magnificent, spectacular, splendid, stunning, superb, wonderful a room with a breathtaking view across the bay | commanding, panoramic | mountain, sea, etc.

VERB + VIEW afford, boast, enjoy, give, have Most rooms enjoy panoramic views of the sea. The large windows give fine views of the surrounding countryside. | admire, enjoy a place to unwind and enjoy the view

PREP. ~ across/over a view over the valley | ~ from the view from his apartment | ~ of

PHRASES a room with a view

view verb

ADV. favourably, positively | unfavourably | cautiously, suspiciously These results should be viewed cautiously. | differently | objectively Try to view the situation objectively. | privately

VERB + VIEW tend to | try to

PREP. as This behaviour is not viewed as acceptable. | from trying to view the situation from an American perspective | with They tend to view foreigners with suspicion.

PHRASES generally/widely viewed as sth He is widely viewed as a possible prime minister. | increasingly viewed as sth, traditionally viewed as sth, a way of viewing sth

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