vision noun

1 ability to see

ADJ. 20/20, excellent, perfect The eye test shows she has perfect vision. | normal | clear The rain prevented her having clear vision of the road ahead. | blurred, defective, distorted, impaired, poor | double, tunnel (often figurative) | all-round The high driving position gives excellent all-round vision. | binocular, stereoscopic | X-ray | distance I can read without glasses, but my distance vision is poor. | night | peripheral Use your peripheral vision widely when moving from place to place.

VERB + VISION have | give (sb) | obscure, restrict | blur The tears blurred her vision. | improve

VISION + VERB clear Her vision cleared and she realized Niall was standing beside her.

PREP. across your ~ A bird shot across her vision.

PHRASES your field of vision She was aware of shapes moving across her field of vision. | your line of vision Someone was standing in my line of vision so I couldn't see the screen.

2 picture in your imagination

ADJ. disturbing, dreadful, ghastly, horrible | bleak | inner, intuitive, mental, spiritual | mystic/mystical, prophetic, religious A young girl in the village experienced a prophetic vision. | poetic | apocalyptic an apocalyptic vision of the end of civilization | momentary, sudden

VERB + VISION experience, have, receive I had visions of us getting hopelessly lost. | conjure up The word ‘island’ conjures up a vision of a relaxing summer holiday.

VISION + VERB fade As he approached, the vision faded and there was no one there.

PREP. in a/the ~ The idea came to her in a vision. | ~ of

3 ability to see/plan for the future

ADJ. great | imaginative | alternative | broad, comprehensive, global, wide The company needs to develop a global vision. | narrow | overall | personal | clear The engineers had a clear vision of what they wanted to achieve. | common They share a common vision for the development of health services. | strategic | political | revolutionary | romantic, Utopian

VERB + VISION have | develop | convey, expand on/upon, outline, promote He outlined his vision for the new economic order. | impose The new leader set about imposing his vision on the party. | share | cloud He was determined not to let emotions cloud his vision.

PREP. of ~ a statesman of great vision | ~ for a vision for the future | ~ of an alternative vision of society

PHRASES breadth of vision His plans for the country's future show a remarkable breadth of vision.

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