volunteer noun

1 sb who offers to do sth

ADJ. unpaid The office is staffed by unpaid volunteers. | full-time, part-time | committed, dedicated, enthusiastic, willing | qualified, trained | potential, prospective, would-be | conservation, Red Cross

QUANT. army, band, group, network, team An army of volunteers cooked meals for the children.

VERB + VOLUNTEER appeal for, ask for, call for, look for The charity is appealing for volunteers to take elderly patients to and from hospital. | find, get, recruit We can't get any volunteers to help in the gardens. | provide The local community provided volunteers to repair the road. | encourage | need, want | work as

VOLUNTEER + VERB come forward Hundreds of volunteers have come forward to offer their help. | man sth, staff sth | carry sth out | provide support, support sb The support our volunteers provide cannot be measured in purely practical terms.

VOLUNTEER + NOUN staff, worker | carer, driver, helper

PREP. ~ for He worked as a volunteer for Oxfam.

2 in the armed forces

ADJ. army, civilian

VERB + VOLUNTEER recruit | serve as

VOLUNTEER + NOUN army, militia, unit

volunteer verb

ADV. kindly Barbara Forrest has kindly volunteered to lead a guided walk to Bolton Abbey.

PREP. as We volunteered as witnesses. | for I volunteered for service in the Air Force.

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