wage noun (alsowages)

ADJ. decent, fair, good, high | inadequate, low, meagre, small He busked to supplement his meagre wages. | annual, hourly, regular, etc. | gross, pre-tax | after-tax, net | money | real If money wages remain constant and price levels rise, real wages fall. | basic, standard a basic wage of £100 a week plus tips | living workers fighting for a living wage | minimum | average

VERB + WAGE pay | earn She earns a good wage at the factory. | live on How can you live on such a low wage? | increase, keep up, push up, raise Full employment pushed up wages. | cut, force down, hold down, keep down | supplement

WAGE + VERB increase, rise | decrease, fall

WAGE + NOUN earner | labour, workers | claim The union submitted a wage claim for a 9% rise. | bargaining, negotiations | agreement, settlement | cut, reduction | controls, freeze, restraint The government promised greater tax cuts in return for continued wage restraints. | explosion, increase, inflation, rise | bill, costs | structure, system | differentials wage differentials between large and small firms | packet He got his first wage packet at fourteen years old.

PHRASES a cut/fall in wages, growth in wages, an increase/a rise in wages

You can also check other dicts: wage (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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