waiter, waitress noun

ADJ. head the head waiter in a large restaurant | hotel, restaurant | wine | passing She ordered a large vodka and tonic from a passing waiter. | hovering (literary, disapproving), obsequious He didn't fancy spending hours in the restaurant, surrounded by hovering waiters.

VERB + WAITER, WAITRESS beckon (to), call (over), signal (to), summon (over), wave over He casually waved over the waitress and settled the bill.

WAITER, WAITRESS + VERB arrive with sth, bring (sb) sth, serve (sb) sth A waitress arrived with the wine they had ordered.

WAITER, WAITRESS + NOUN service Lunch is a buffet meal, while dinner is waiter service.

PHRASES catch the waiter/waitress's eye I tried to catch the waiter's eye to ask for our bill. > Note at JOB

You can also check other dicts: waiter (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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