watch noun

1 instrument for telling the time

ADJ. digital | fob, pocket, wrist (also wristwatch) | sports

VERB + WATCH check, consult, glance at, look at | put back/forward We put our watches forward eight hours before landing in Tokyo. | set Don't forget to set your watch to local time. | wind Quartz watches don't need winding. | have on, wear | put on | take off

WATCH + VERB go My watch is ten years old and it's still going. | stop Sorry I'm late?my watch has stopped. | be slow, lose sth My watch loses a minute each day. | be fast, gain sth | say sth My watch says three o'clock.

WATCH + NOUN face | band (also watchband), strap

2 guard

ADJ. careful, close I kept a close watch on my bag as I sat on the train. | constant, round-the-clock | night

VERB + WATCH keep, stand Two soldiers were ordered to keep watch for enemy aircraft. | put The garrison commander had put an extra watch on the prisoners.

WATCH + NOUN committee | tower

PREP. on ~ Some of the crew were sleeping, while others were on watch. | on the ~ for Cats are constantly on the watch for mice or other small mammals.

watch verb

ADV. carefully, closely, intently She watched the man closely to see where he would go. | idly | impassively, numbly | anxiously, helplessly, warily She watched helplessly as her husband was dragged away. | open-mouthed | covertly | in silence, silently | just I love just watching the world go by.

VERB + WATCH could only They could only watch in silence as their possessions were taken away. | continue to | pause to, stop to They stopped to watch the procession go by. | love to | let sb He let me watch while he assembled the model. | make sb The women were made to watch while their children were slaughtered.

PREP. for We watched for any sign of change in the weather. | from They watched from an upstairs window. | in She watched in astonishment as he smashed the machine to pieces. | with He watched with great interest how she coaxed the animals towards her.

PHRASES sit/stand and watch She stood and watched them walk off down the road.

You can also check other dicts: watch (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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