website noun

ADJ. Internet | official, unofficial the official website of Liverpool FC | comedy, commercial, company, education/educational, golf, news, personal, travel, etc.

VERB + WEBSITE look for, search for | access, browse, check out, log into/onto, look at, visit | search I was searching this history website for something about Alexander the Great. | bookmark | have | build, create, design, develop, make, set up We show you how to make your own website in ten simple steps. | launch | upload | host, maintain, run, update

WEBSITE + VERB be/go down There were so many visitors to the website that it went down.

WEBSITE + NOUN address, URL | designer

PREP. on a/the ~ You can find details of all our products on our website.

PHRASES a link to a website This page includes lots of links to other websites you may find interesting. > Special page at COMPUTER

You can also check other dicts: website (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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