wheel noun

1 on a bicicyle, car, etc.

ADJ. bicycle, car, etc. | spare | front | back, rear | nearside | offside | loose, wobbly | alloy

WHEEL + VERB change, replace A tyre blew and we had to change the wheel.

WHEEL + VERB go round, spin, turn The wheels were still going round. (figurative) The political wheel had turned full circle, and he was back in power. | skid, slide, slip He braked suddenly, causing the front wheels to skid. | crunch, scream, shriek the sound of wheels crunching over snow | come off, fall off | lock She braked too hard and the wheels locked.

WHEEL + NOUN arch, base, bearings, hub, nut, rim, trim | clamp

PREP. on ~s A child was pulling along a little dog on wheels. | under the ~s She fell under the wheels of a bus.

2 (also steering wheel)

VERB + WHEEL grip | turn | take I drove the first 200 miles and then Steve took the wheel.


PREP. at the ~ The bus set off again with a fresh driver at the wheel. | behind the ~ I saw the car drive past, but didn't recognize the woman behind the wheel.

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