will noun

1 power to choose; desire

ADJ. indomitable, iron, strong her indomitable will to win His unassuming matter concealed an iron will. | weak | free | conscious | collective, general, majority, national, popular, public Is that the general will, that we keep the present voting arrangements? | individual | human | divine, God's | royal | political The government lacked the political will to reform the tax system. (see also goodwill)

VERB + WILL have She's got a very strong will. | lack | exercise, exert | lose She's lost the will to try and change things. | break, drain, sap Constant rejection has sapped her will. | regain | impose She usually manages to impose her will on the rest of the group. | bend to, obey They were taught to obey their father's will without question. | go against My father didn't want me to leave home, and I didn't like to go against his will.

PREP. against your ~ Much against my will, I let him go. | at ~ She believes employers should have the right to hire and fire at will.

PHRASES an act of will It requires an act of will to make myself go running in the morning. | a battle/clash of wills The meeting turned out to be a clash of wills. | an effort of will With a great effort of will he resisted her pleas. | of your own free will She left of her own free will. | the will of God, the will to live She gradually regained the will to live.

2 legal document

ADJ. valid Two people must witness your signature or your will will not be valid. | living (= a record of your wishes regarding medical treatment at the end of your life)

VERB + WILL draw up, make His solicitor drew up the will. Have you made your will? | sign | leave She left no will and was unmarried. | read | alter, change | revoke Remarriage would revoke all previous wills. | forge | remember sb in She was moved when her neighbour remembered her in his will. | administer, execute | challenge, contest The family decided to contest the will in court. | break, overturn, set aside They succeeded in getting the will overturned.

PREP. by ~ Some things cannot be given away by will. | in a/the ~ She left me some money in her will. | under a/the ~ Under her father's will, she gets £5,000 a year.

PHRASES sb's last will and testament

You can also check other dicts: will (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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