wind noun

ADJ. fierce, gale-force, high, stiff, strong, terrible Rain and high winds are forecast. There was a stiff wind blowing. | light, moderate, slight | blustery, gusty | warm | biting, bitter, brisk, chill, cold, icy The icy wind cut right through us. | howling | fair, favourable, good They set sail the next morning with a fair wind. | adverse Adverse winds swept the boat off course. | head, tail A tail wind made the ride home very relaxing. | east, north, etc.

QUANT. blast, gust | breath There wasn't a breath of wind in the still air.

WIND + VERB blow, blow up, come, cut through sb/sth, sweep (through) sth The wind came from the west. A fierce wind swept through the countryside. | howl, moan, roar, whistle The wind roared through the tunnel. | buffet sth, rattle sth, whip sth (up) The wind whipped up the surface of the lake. | increase, pick up, rise | abate, die down, drop Let's wait until the wind drops before setting sail. | change The wind suddenly changed and began blowing from the north.

WIND + NOUN conditions, direction, power, pressure, speed

PREP. against the ~ We were rowing against the wind. | in the ~ a flag flapping in the wind | into the ~ We were sailing into the wind. | out of ~ Let's shelter out of the wind.

PHRASES the roar/sound of the wind

wind verb

ADV. tight/tightly | carefully, neatly

PREP. around/round He wound the bandage tightly round his ankle. | into She wound the wool into a ball.

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