window noun

1 in a building, car, etc.

ADJ. big, huge, long, tall, wide | narrow, small | panoramic | floor-length, floor-to-ceiling | deep-set | arched, bay, bow, casement, dormer, French, lattice, leaded, picture, rose, sash, skylight, small-paned, stained-glass You get to the garden through French windows at the back of the house. The cathedral has a beautiful rose window. | plate-glass | double-glazed | barred, curtained, shuttered All the windows in the prison are barred. | curtainless | open | boarded-up | blank No light showed in any of the blank windows of the house. | dark | bright, sunny | rain-lashed, rain-streaked | draughty, ill-fitting | dirty, dusty, filthy | clean | steamed-up | balcony, basement, bedroom, kitchen, etc. | back, front, rear, side, top, topmost, upstairs | first-floor, ground-floor, etc. | south-facing, etc. | display, shop | car, carriage, train, etc. | back, driver's, passenger, rear | electric | smoked, tinted a limousine with smoked windows

VERB + WINDOW gaze out (of), gaze through, look in (through), look out (of), look through, peer out (of), peer (in) through, see out (of), see through, stare out of, stare (in) through I found her looking in the window of a department store. It was raining so hard I could scarcely see out the window. | lean out of, stick your head out of | knock on, rap on, tap on We tapped on the window to get their attention. | fling open, force (open), open, throw open There was evidence that the window had been forced. | roll down, wind down I rolled down the window to ask for directions. | close, roll up, shut | clean, wash | break, shatter, smash | replace

WINDOW + VERB open, wind down How does the window open? | close, go up | break, shatter, smash | blow out All the windows blew out with the force of the blast. | flash, gleam, glint, glow, shine The windows glinted in the sunlight. | steam up The windows all steam up when you have a shower. | rattle The windows rattle when a train goes past. | face sth, give a view of sth, look, overlook sth, stare a studio with windows looking south towards the park The windows of the house stared bleakly down at her.

WINDOW + NOUN frame, ledge, pane, sill | seat I always ask for a window seat when I fly. | cleaner He works as a window cleaner. | display | shopping I love going window shopping (= looking at things in the shops without buying anything).

PREP. at the ~ He was standing at the window waiting for us. | by the ~ I sat by the window to get some air. | in the ~ an advertisement in the shop window We caught sight of him in the window as we passed. There was a vase of flowers in the window. A bird flew in the open window. | out (of) ~ She gazed out of the window at the falling snow. | through ~ They threw a brick through the window.

2 area on a computer screen

ADJ. active Click on the window to make it active.

VERB + WINDOW open | close If you close a couple of windows, the screen will be less cluttered. | enlarge, minimize, resize, shrink | drag, move | click on > Special page at COMPUTER

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