wire noun

1 metal as thin thread

ADJ. taut, tight | loose, slack | fine, thin | thick | flexible, soft | stiff | rusty | barbed, chicken (= wire mesh used to make fences), razor | piano | perimeter | trip (also tripwire) The bomb was attached to a tripwire laid across the road. | high (= in a circus) One man rode a bicycle along the high wire as the climax to the act.

QUANT. length, piece, strand

VERB + WIRE cut They cut the perimeter wire and escaped. | stretch The wire was stretched between two poles.

WIRE + NOUN grill, mesh, netting | basket, brush, cage, coat hanger, fence, fencing, frame, rack Cool the cakes on a wire rack. | cutters (also wire-cutters)

PREP. behind a/the ~ Behind the wire, the prisoners were exercising. | under a/the ~ We got in under the wire.

2 for electricity

ADJ. electric, electrical, electricity Don't place carpets over electrical wires. overhead electricity wires | earth, live, neutral Don't touch that wire. It's live. | overhead | telegraph, telephone | fuse | bare, exposed Watch out for bare wires. | insulated, plastic-coated, plastic-covered | frayed

VERB + WIRE attach, connect The wire was attached to a pin in the plug. | disconnect He disconnected the wire from the clock. | run The electrician ran a wire from the kitchen to the bedroom.

WIRE + VERB go, lead, run, trail Where does this wire go? There were wires trailing everywhere. | show Surely the wires shouldn't show like that?

PREP. along a/the ~ the flow of electrical currents along a wire | down a/the ~ A dry laugh echoed down the telephone wire.

wire verb

ADV. correctly, properly You should check that the socket is correctly wired. | in, up She was wired up to a heart monitor.

PREP. for Many homes were wired for lighting only. | into, to The Christmas tree lights are all wired to one plug.

You can also check other dicts: wire (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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