wisdom noun

ADJ. deep, great, profound | accepted, conventional, established, folk, popular, prevailing, received, traditional Conventional wisdom has it that riots only ever happen in cities. | street, worldly He is too lacking in worldly wisdom to be a politician. | accumulated, collective the accumulated wisdom of generations | ancient A bridge between ancient wisdom and modern insight is now being built. | innate, inner, instinctive, intuitive | political | divine

VERB + WISDOM doubt, have doubts about, question Many commentators doubted the political wisdom of introducing a new tax. | seek Those who seek wisdom at the shrine will find it. | impart Do you have any wisdom to impart on this subject? | prove The latest unemployment figures prove the wisdom of the government's policy.

PHRASES a fount/source of wisdom Consultants are too often seen as the source of all wisdom. | in sb's (infinite) wisdom (ironic) In their infinite wisdom, the council closed the swimming pool for the school holidays. | pearls of wisdom students eager to catch pearls of wisdom from the professor's lips | the pursuit of wisdom She devoted her life to the pursuit of wisdom. | wit and wisdom He entertained the audience for two hours with his wit and wisdom. | with the wisdom of hindsight It's easy enough to see what we should have done, with the wisdom of hindsight. | words of wisdom The former world champion imparted a few words of wisdom to the young runners.

You can also check other dicts: wisdom (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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