witness noun

1 person who sees sth

ADJ. eye (also eyewitness) An eyewitness account described the plane as a ‘fireball’. | crucial, key, material, vital As the last person to see her alive, he was a material witness in the case. | independent | credible, reliable, unimpeachable | unreliable

VERB + WITNESS appeal for The police are appealing for witnesses. | trace Police have so far failed to trace any witnesses to the attack.

WITNESS + VERB come forward Two witnesses came forward with evidence.

WITNESS + NOUN account, statement

PREP. ~ to a witness to murder

2 in a court of law

ADJ. chief, main, principal the defence's chief witness | hostile | reluctant, unwilling | defence | prosecution, state | expert | character | civilian, police

VERB + WITNESS call The defence called their first witness. | appear as She appeared as a character witness. | swear in | cross-examine, examine, interrogate, interview, question | hear | discredit | intimidate, threaten A judicial enquiry was ordered, but witnesses were threatened and none would testify. | suborn He was charged with conspiracy to suborn witnesses.

WITNESS + VERB take the stand The next witness took the stand. | give evidence, testify | make a statement, state sth | identify sb She was the only witness to identify Peters as the attacker.

WITNESS + NOUN box, stand | summons

PHRASES a witness for the defence/prosecution

3 of a signature



PREP. ~ to Would you be willing to act as a witness to my signature when I sign my will?

You can also check other dicts: witness (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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