wood noun

1 what trees are made of

ADJ. hard | soft Pine is a soft wood. | dark The pub had dark wood panelling. | light, pale | green The wood was too green to burn. | dead, rotten, rotting She pruned the dead wood from the tree. | kindling There were neat piles of kindling wood against the wall. | natural varnish that retains the natural wood look | seasoned | rough | painted, polished, stained, varnished | carved | solid | laminated | charred | balsa, beech, pine, etc.

QUANT. block, piece, plank, strip

VERB + WOOD chop, cut, saw | be made from/in/(out) of, carve/make sth from/in/out of The cabinet is made of cherry wood. We carve the moulds in wood. | paint, polish, stain, varnish She stained the wood green. | season Traditionally wood was seasoned in the open air. | burn | gather We gathered wood for the fire.

WOOD + VERB splinter the sound of splintering wood | rot Over the years, much of the wood in the house had rotted. | burn Dry wood burns easily.

WOOD + NOUN chip | carving | floor, panel, panelling | laminate, veneer | finish a wardrobe in a mahogany wood finish | fire

PREP. in ~ The chapel has some interesting works in wood and marble.

2 area covered with trees

ADJ. deep, dense, thick | dark, shady | broad-leaved, deciduous | beech, birch, oak, etc.

PREP. in the ~ a walk in the woods | through the ~ He wandered through the beech wood.

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