write verb

1 form letters and words on paper

ADV. clearly, neatly Children must learn to write neatly. | busily She was busily writing in an exercise book. | down, out I'd better write this down, otherwise I'll forget it.

VERB + WRITE learn to | teach sb to

PREP. on He wrote a list on the back of an old envelope.

2 produce a piece of writing

ADV. beautifully, well | badly | clearly the ability to write clearly in plain English | extensively He has written extensively on the subject. | anonymously

VERB + WRITE commission sb to He has been commissioned to write a history of the town. | inspire sb to, prompt sb to She was inspired to write the poem by a visit to the cathedral.

PREP. about a journalist who writes about problems in the developing world | for She writes for ‘The Times’. | of She wrote of her life in Africa. | on He writes on political issues.

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