writing noun

1 putting words on paper

VERB + WRITING do, practise Every morning the children do writing. | improve

WRITING + NOUN paper | desk

PHRASES reading and writing

2 activity/job of writing

ADJ. effective The book aims to teach effective essay writing. | creative, descriptive, imaginative | academic, critical, scientific, technical | fiction, essay, letter, novel, prose, report, script | travel

QUANT. piece



PHRASES a style of writing

3 written/printed words

VERB + WRITING put sth into The arrangement was never put into writing.

PREP. in ~ This agreement has to be confirmed in writing.

4 (often writings) books, etc.

ADJ. fine, good, great | bad | influential | early, later His experiences in India influenced his later writings. | ancient, contemporary Ancient writings reinforce their claims to the land. | published, unpublished | prose | academic, critical, historical, mystical, philosophical, political, religious, sacred, scholarly, scientific Christians share some of their sacred writings with the Jews. | popular | feminist | modernist | collected, selected Ruskin's Collected Writings

QUANT. piece | anthology, collection an anthology of writing about jazz

VERB + WRITING read | publish His writings on the history of art were published by Greenway and Settle. | influence, inspire

WRITING + VERB be about sth, be concerned with sth, deal with sth Her early writing was concerned with the French Revolution. | include sth, range His writings range from ancient to contemporary art, and include a study of Giorgione's paintings. | indicate sth, provide sth, reflect sth, show sth, suggest sth His writings provide us with a first-hand account of the civil war. Her writings reflect the breadth of her interests. | influence sb/sth, inspire sb/sth

PREP. in … ~ You find a greater use of the passive in scientific writing. | through sb's ~ Her influence has been greatest through her writings. | ~ about Her name crops up frequently in writings about the Renaissance. | ~ by a collection of writings by artists | ~ on The book is a collection of writings on death by various authors.

5 handwriting

ADJ. small, tiny | legible, neat | illegible | cursive, joined-up | childish | spidery

VERB + WRITING have He's got very neat writing. | read I can't read your writing. | recognize I didn't recognize the writing.

PREP. in sb's ~ The list was in Elizabeth's writing. > See HANDWRITING

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