wrong adj.

VERBS be, seem | go Things seemed to be going horribly wrong. | get sth He got all his sums wrong. | find sth The doctor could find nothing physically wrong with him. | get sb Don't get me wrong (= don't misunderstand me)?I'm not asking for any favours. | prove sb She was able to prove him wrong.

ADV. all, badly, disastrously, drastically, grossly, hopelessly, horribly, seriously, terribly, tragically You've got it all wrong. I never meant to imply that you were responsible. | absolutely, completely, entirely, fundamentally, quite, totally, wholly | just, simply She's simply wrong for this job. | not far They weren't far wrong with their estimate of 100,000. | not necessarily | clearly, obviously, plainly | morally, physically

PREP. about You were completely wrong about Maurice. He's not leaving. | with She was worried that there was something seriously wrong with her.

wrong noun

ADJ. great, terrible | past | legal, moral | civil, criminal There are various kinds of civil wrongs, or torts.

VERB + WRONG commit, do (sb), inflict If they do wrong, they have to be punished. You are answerable in court for wrongs done to individuals. According to her, her son could do no wrong. He admitted he had done her wrong and asked for forgiveness. | compensate (sb) for, make up for, put right, redress, right, undo How can we right these wrongs? | suffer It's the job of the newspapers to expose the wrongs suffered by such people. | forgive The two communities must learn to forgive past wrongs. | acknowledge, apologize for, recognize | see no I see no wrong in asking him to share the expenses. | expose | avenge, take revenge for

PREP. in the ~ Although he knew he was in the wrong, he wouldn't apologize.

PHRASES the difference between right and wrong Children have to learn the difference between right and wrong. | the rights and wrongs (of sth) Whatever the rights and wrongs of the situation, there's not a lot we can do.

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