zone noun

ADJ. broad, narrow | marginal, peripheral, transition/transitional, twilight a transition zone between tropical and arid vegetations the twilight zone between living and merely existing | border, frontier | neutral | battle, combat, military, war | buffer, demilitarized, exclusion, no-fly, no-go This area behind the station is a no-go zone for tourists. | occupation, occupied, security | autonomous | danger | emergency | disaster The region has been declared an ecological disaster zone. | safe | safety She stood some distance away from him to maintain a safety zone. | nuclear-free, smoke-free, traffic-free, weapons-free Most of the town centre is a traffic-free zone. | earthquake, fault, seismic | climatic, geographical | alpine, arid, coastal, temperate the alpine and arid zones of Australia | economic, enterprise, fishing, free-trade, industrial an industrial zone of factories, warehouses and shipyards | euro-(also eurozone) | northern, southern, etc. | pedestrian | time | erogenous | relegation The team finds itself in the relegation zone after a run of poor results.

VERB + ZONE control The rebels control the southern border zone. | create, declare sth, establish, impose, set up The area has been declared a closed military zone. | enforce Fighter planes are being sent to enforce the UN no-fly zone. | violate An enemy plane was shot down after it violated the exclusion zone. | cross into, enter We were crossing into a new time zone. | leave Aid workers were advised to leave the danger zone. | divide sth into Europe is divided into economic zones.

ZONE + NOUN boundary

PREP. in a/the ~ The plant grows only in the temperate zone. | into a/the We had accidentally strayed into the war zone. | out of a/the ~, within a/the ~ Companies within enterprise zones are given special help. | ~ between the neutral zone between the two countries

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